Chess Score Pad
Electronic Chess Scoresheet for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

iPhone Demo


The owner, Phil Pawn, is about to play the 5th round of a local tournament. He loads the last game from the 4th round and then selects the "Next Game of Event" action to create a new game with the event, site and round automatically set. Since this is a local tournament his opponent is someone Phil plays regularly and has in his Contacts. Phil's name is automatically entered. Then he taps "Enter Moves". He rotates the device to a landscape layout and begins entering moves.

Then he starts entering moves. Some by taping the piece to be moved, then tapping the square the piece is moved to. Other moves are entered by dragging the piece. Phil makes a mistake in entering the second move but quickly notices that the knight is out of place and corrects the error. (the tournament rules do not allow an electronic scoresheet to alert the player of illegal moves, so that option has been turned off. Phil has demonstrated that setting to his opponents before the game)

After a hard fought game they review the critical positions using the slider and step buttons. The board is rotated using the common two finger rotate gesture. Garry (his opponent) asks Phil to see his scoresheet because his handwritten scoresheet had some errors.

Phil then emails the game to himself. The email contains the algebraic notation and a PGN attachments. Sometimes his opponents ask Phil to copy them with the email to save them from having to manually enter the game from their paper scoresheet since it is usually full of errors.