Chess Score Pad
Electronic Chess Scoresheet for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Chess Score Pad - Video Overview


This video demonstrates:

After the game, you want to export the PGN file to your chess database. One way is to use the "Email Game (HTML)" menu item. This will compose an email with a scoresheet and the PGN file as an attachment.

Another way is to tap the share action button at the bottom of the "Game Detail" screen. This uses the iOS sharing activities where you can send the PGN file or text to Messages, Mail, Notes or chess applications like HIARCS. You can also copy the PGN to the clipboard, print a scoresheet, save to your iCloud drive, create a PDF or AirDrop the file.

The "Next Game of Event" menu item will add a new game with the Event entered and the round incremented.

After the event (usually a tournament) you can go to the "Games" list to share a PGN file with the games in the list. You can filter the games by using the search bar to enter the name of the event you wish to export.

For more detailed information, see the USER GUIDE link.

This demo uses an iPad, but the screens are the same as on the iPhone.