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Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition - Device Settings For Tournament Play

Guided Access is an operating system setting that "allows an administrator to limit an iOS device to one app by disabling the Home button". Using this feature, a tournament director can be sure that the player using an iOS device cannot switch to another application (chess engines or other applications).

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Player Setup


iPhone Port

Passcode Settings

do not disturb


As the player and the owner of the device you need to prepare your device to have the passcode lock set by the tournament director. This is to make sure that you device is not restarted to circumvent the Guided Access settings.

Make sure your device is backed up.

In your Clock App:

  • Turn OFF all Alarms and Cancel any Timers.

In your Settings App:

In General / Passcode Lock

  • Set "Require Passcode" to the maximum time which is currently 4 hours.
  • Everything under "Allow Access When Locked" should be turned OFF.
  • Then "Turn Passcode Off" so the TD can turn it on with a new passcode.

In Notifications / Do Not Disturb

  • Scheduled OFF
  • Allow Calls from "No One"
  • Repeated Calls "OFF"

In General / Accessibility / Guided Access

  • Turn OFF(if necessary) then ON, but do not set the passcode.
  • Set Enable Screen Sleep to ON

In Sounds

  • Change With Buttons ON
  • Sound volume set to minimum.

Set your General / Auto-Lock to your preferred time.

Set Airplane Mode ON (make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are Off).
Set Do Not Disturb ON.

Now you are ready to have a tournament official lock your phone.

There may be situations where the tournament official will not want to take the time to lock your device. You still should activate the Guided Access using the steps below and demonstrate to your opponents that your device is locked.

Tournament Official Setup


iPhone Port

guided access options

The tournament official will need a 4 digit passcode to lock the player's device and control Guided Access. I would suggest the same passcode for all of the players in the tournament. At the end of the day, the players will need the passcode to unlock their devices.

If you are not able to provide the passcode to the players at the end of the day they will need to restore their devices. So it is very important that you are able to provide them with the passcodes that you used to lock their devices. More than one person should know the passcode.


In the Settings app:

  • Turn General / Passcode Lock ON and enter the passcode.
  • Go Back to the Setting home screen and verify:
    • Airplane Mode is ON
    • Wi-Fi is Off
    • Bluetooth is Off
    • Do Not Disturb is ON
  • Verify the time is set correctly.

Exit Settings and launch ScorePadTE.

  • Triple-Click the Home button to activate Guided Access.
  • Verify the options for Touch and Motion are ON.
  • Tap Start and you will be prompted to enter the Guided Access passcode. If you are not prompted for the passcode it means the player set it in Settings. The player needs to turn Guided Access OFF and ON to reset their passcode so you can enter your passcode.

The player's device is now locked and ready to use.

Unlocking the Device


iPhone Port

At the end of the day you will need to unlock the player's device.

  • Triple Click the Home button. You will be prompted for the passcode.
  • Tap the End button to End Guided Access.
  • Launch the Settings app
  • Turn General / Passcode Lock OFF. You will be prompted for the passcode.

You can now return the unlocked device to the player.


Verification Techniques


iPhone Port

Guided Access Enabled


Display Notation showing when the first and last moves were recorded.

How to verify that a device using Chess Score Pad TE was locked by a tournament official?

Tap the home button to make sure the device has Guided Access active.

Triple Click the Home button and verify that the official passcode is accepted.

At the end of the round, how can I verify that a player used the device I locked, and didn't switch devices?

Select the game they recorded. Tap the "Display Notation" button to display the game notation. That game notation will include the timestamps for "First Move Recorded: and "Last Move Recorded". These timestamps should coincide to the start and end of the round.

In addition, you can set the "Include Time" option in the Setup screen. Then select "Email Game (html)". The email draft will include the time spent on each move. You should see longer and shorter times depending on the position and time remaining.

These steps will detect if the player used an unlocked device during the game and then entered the moves on the locked device after the game.