Chess Score Pad
Electronic Chess Scoresheet for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Typical Use

I create the first game and enter the name of the event before arriving at the event and use the "Next Game" button to create the remaining games.

I check with the tournament director about my scoresheet at the start of the tournament. The USCF does not prohibit electronic scoresheets that are not certified. It is up to the tournament director.

Before the game I inform my opponent that I am using an electronic scoresheet that is designed to comply with USCF rules. I also remind my opponent that since I am using an electronic scoresheet with a graphic display, I must complete my move before I record the move.

There is not much to do during the game. I just record the move as soon as it is made and get "back to the game". Not having the check for legal moves is not an issue. If you accidentally move a piece to the wrong square you will notice that the display does not match the board.

At the end of the game I record the results.

Between games if someone asks "how was your game against...?" I can open up my iPad and use the slider to display critical positions and discuss the game. I can also copy the game PGN and paste it into my Hiarcs Chess app.

When I get home I AirDrop my games and HAIRCS Chess Explorer opens and loads the game to be added to my my PGN database of games. If I stopped entering moves due to time trouble I can either fill in the moves I remember after the game or when I get home.

I have set up a "Chess Players" group in my address book. With iCloud this group is synced to my iMac, iPad and iPhone so I can often simply select names from the contacts on my iPad.

I still keep one of my old spiral bound books of scoresheets and TWO pens in my tournament bag just in case I forget my iPad or other issue!