Chess Score Pad
Electronic Chess Scoresheet for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


Chess Score Pad is not certified. The application for certification was submitted and denied by the USCF.

The USCF does not prohibit the use of electronic scoresheets that are not certified. You just need to check with your tournament director or opponent before using it in a tournament.

I designed Chess Score Pad to be used in small local tournaments where the players are known to each other and the tournament director and the prizes are small. I play in weekly G/30 quads and it is really not an concern that one of us will sneak off to the bathroom with a computer to analyze a game in progress.

As in most chess communities the tournaments are more of a social event and the players value the game more than winning. These are the tournaments where most of the rated games are played and players will benefit from accurate, easy to use, electronic scoresheets.

Here is a link to USCF rules United States Chess Federation - Official Rules

From the 6th Edition:

43: Scoresheets: A scoresheet is any piece of paper, electronic, or mechanical recording device that allows a player to comply with rule 15A. Electronic scoresheets are subject to certification guidelines as published by the USCF. An electronic scoresheet not so certified is not considered standard and may only be used at the discretion of the tournament director.


TD TIP: Tournament directors are advised to be flexible on the above. Many players have their own scoresheet in the form of notebooks or recording devices, and prefer to keep their games in an orderly fashion within that book. If a player can provide a copy of the score from their notebook, or a printout or downloaded from the electronic scoresheet, this is acceptable. You have the score and the result of the game. Contact the USCF office regarding the policies and guidelines for electronic scorekeeping devices.

So check with the tournament director before you use Chess Score Pad Tournament Edition in a tournament.

Here are some notes for Tournament Directors:

  1. Chess Score Pad is a dedicated electronic scoresheet for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.
  2. It can be set to not check for illegal moves or positions.
  3. It does not contain any chess engines that can be used for analysis.
  4. The device should be in "Airplane Mode" for the player to use it to record moves. Also using the iOS Guided Access limits your device so it cannot be used for phone calls or text messages.

By allowing a player to use Chess Score Pad you know that their device will be on the playing table in Airplane Mode, in plain sight.

Not allowing honest players to use their iPad, iPod or iPhone as an electronic scoresheet will not stop the dishonest player from using them to cheat.